Thursday, 19 September 2013

Stargazer Knight

I just got back from the amazing Illuxcon event which opened my eyes to the workings of the Illustration industry. I brought with me an entirely new portfolio which contained only 3 pieces I did before the summer break.

The event wasn't one concentrating on concept art, but I got many useful feedbacks nonetheless. The piece that I spent the most time on during the summer was this, the Stargazer Knight:

hi-res Here

I spent about as much time researching and designing as I did on actually painting it.
With the last knight having a "goat" theme, I started this guy with a "star" theme. After about 20-30 different designs and watching several documentaries on medieval armor construction, I set about pencilling the basic armor shapes, leaving the helmet out so I could do it in detail later.

After scanning and cleaning, I wanted a star pattern to go around some of the armor plates, but wanted it to be in perspective, so I created a simple pattern tile:

And the same idea for the chainmail:

Leaving me with the final line art:

I did the helmet separately.

And the rest...

I am going to do the weapons of his faction soon.

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