Saturday, 25 August 2012


So I took a pretty long summer trip to Kazakhstan. Being in an empty desolate country (even more so than my previous location of Oman), allowed me to contemplate life and draw more. I bought this cool Russian notebook with a cover of vintage cars and started doodling random stuff. Buying some crappy notebook made me feel more comfortable about doing really stupid stuff without caring whether or not it will ruin the book.



I played more with watercolors:

Eastern European wildlife

Check out those badly painted dubs

Floating alien

Pencil scenery -- if only I could do this with a pen...

Dramatic hand

'Nam badass

Then I got back to Van-city and started to paint things on actual watercolor paper:

Usain Bolt from newspaper:

My brother's hand:

Some photo of a girl from the internets:

Some guy from the internets:

But then I realized that painting from photo is so much easier compared to still-life or memory...

Salt from Bean Bros Cafe:

I saw a girl on the train the other day, she looked sort of sad and I tried to capture that here (from memory):